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Rows of solar panels facing upwards on a sunny day.

A sustainable future: How materials science can make the planet cleaner

For many OSU materials scientists, fighting climate change means finding cleaner energy sources, developing sustainable alternatives to wasteful industry processes, and drawing on unconventional means to reduce the pollution already in the environment.

Bo Sun working in physics lab with student
Faculty and Staff

Scientists garner innovation awards for cancer and materials research

The Science Research and Innovation Seed awards were given to four multidisciplinary research teams working on cancer diagnostics and materials science.

Juan Restrepo sitting on ledge in front of shrubbery

Mathematician elected Fellow of American Physical Society for advancing understanding of climate change

Mathematics Professor Juan Restrepo has been elected a 2019 Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Bee sitting on yellow flower

Bees love blue fluorescent light, and not just any wavelength will do

Physicist's discovery on light and pollination can have an impact on the $15 billion bee economy.

blue fungi sitting on log in forest

Fungi-produced pigment shows promise as semiconductor material

Physicist Oksana Ostroverkhova discovers a semi-conducting material in organic pigment secreted by wood-eating fungi.

desert hill with clear sky

150 years of science for land and sun

Science programs have guided the evolution of research and education at OSU since its 1868 land grant designation.

microscopic picture of green Eukaryotes
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Biophysicist solves molecular motor mystery

Biophysicists discover a motor protein that expands understanding of the evolution and design principle of motor proteins.

student and mentor studying section of soil

Online Environmental Sciences program ranked No.2 in country

Oregon State’s online and on campus environmental sciences bachelor program is setting high standards for excellence.

arial view of island bay

150 years of science for sea and space

Science at Oregon State University has been a trailblazer since OSU's designation as a land-grant college in 1868.

150 years of science title overlaying Northern lights and lake

The significance of OSU's sea-, space-, sun- and land-grant designations

Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the country with Land-, Sea-, Space- and Sun-Grant designations.

Davide Lazzati standing in office space

Gamma-ray burst detection just what OSU physicist predicted

More than a month before a game-changing detection of a short gamma-ray burst – a finding announced today – scientists at Oregon State University predicted such a discovery would occur.

salt water fish swimming in creek
Materials Science

Sustaining Resources

Materials scientists at Oregon State are working on new energy and environmental applications that will contribute to a healthy planet.