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Ethan Minot and Dublin Nichols in Minot's lab

A strong program with exceptional career outcomes

Join our award-winning undergraduate program to receive modern and interactive physics instruction from researchers at the top of their fields. Your training as a scientist and problem solver, your technical expertise with equipment and your computer programming knowledge will make you a very desirable employee. Our graduates frequently go on to pursue a diversity of rewarding careers, such as software engineers, government research technicians or industry consultants.

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A national leader in undergraduate education for more than 20 years, our program combines innovative coursework, undergraduate research and a senior capstone under the mentorship of a faculty member to ensure that every physics student graduates not only knowing physics - but knowing how to think like a physicist.

Opportunities in physics

The best way to learn physics is to do physics - especially if that means working collaboratively with your peers or helping young people develop their own passion for science. Our department has many fun outreach opportunities where you will grow as a scientist while engaging with your community.

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Engage in research

In the Department of Physics, every student has the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research - and is strongly encouraged to do so! Not only will you have the experience of personally helping advance scientific progress , you will also receive valuable mentorship from faculty who are highly respected in the field.

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Student life

Clubs and organizations are an excellent way to enhance your undergraduate experience while making friends you will have for life. Three of the 33 science clubs on campus, Astronomy Club, Society of Physics Students and Physicists for Inclusion in Science, are specifically aimed at improving the experience of undergraduate students interested in physics.

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Welcome transfer students!

Whether you're transferring from a community college or a four-year institution, we have the resources to help. Nearly 30% of students in the College of Science are transfer students, many of whom have quickly integrated in to our vibrant physics research community. With our dedication to cutting-edge research and innovative teaching practices, our department has the tools to help you achieve your career goals.