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Diversity and Inclusion

Pink flowers outside Kidder Hall

Our values and acknowledgments

The Department of Physics is committed to the belief that physics belongs to everyone. Our research and our community are made better when everyone receives equal access and opportunity to succeed. We are dedicated to fostering an equitable and inclusive environment that is safe for people of all backgrounds and identities to learn and work while recognizing and working to change the systems that continue to stifle voices in physics and in higher education.

Diversity, Inclusion, Climate and Equity (DICE) Committee

To help us align our goals, priorities and responsibilities, we have established the DICE committee that will work alongside the College of Science and physics department leadership to help empower our students and faculty.


Our committee's work is situated in a larger effort by the College of Science to enhance diversity, racial justice and inclusion in science. Starting in 2021, the College launched the Strategic Diversity Action Plan designed to reflect the values and priorities of the science community. This plan is the culmination of extensive dialogue and ongoing communication that our department is proud to be a part of. In 2022, this plan was integrated into the College of Science strategic plan.