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Science outreach event at a school

Join us for one of our upcoming Physics events!

We host colloquia, seminars and a number of outreach events.

Undergraduate Physics Town Hall

WNGR 304

Speaker: SPS & PhIS

A town hall dedicated to the specific topic of the undergraduate experience with a focus on upper-division feedback. Students and faculty will interface with one another and speak collaboratively on how to improve undergraduate experiences.

Topics will include
* How to get lower-… Read more

New Direct Electron Imaging Techniques for Quantum Materials

116 Weniger Hall

Speaker: Prof. Kayla Nguyen, University of Oregon, Physics

Abstract: The advent of electron microscopy has revolutionized materials discovery. However, one of the main barriers is the cost of expensive aberration correcting lenses for atom-by-atom imaging.

Sculpting the electrostatic landscape in quantum materials

WNGR 304

Speaker: Ethan Minot

The electrostatic landscape in low-dimensional materials can be controlled by engineering the external environment. External charges near the material can produce hills and valleys of potential energy that modify the properties of the material. In some applications, we seek quantum materials… Read more

Binary evolution: a multi-messenger, multi-band puzzle

116 Weniger

Speaker: Prof. Katelyn Breivik, Carnegie Mellon University, Physics

Abstract: Recent observations of gravitational waves from merging double-compact-object binaries have reignited an explosive interest in the formation and evolution of compact objects in binary-star systems. However, by the time a compact-object binary merges and produces the… Read more

Studying Gamma-Ray Bursts Using COSI

304 Weniger Hall

Speaker: Eliza Neights

Gamma-ray bursts are energetic phenomena that serve as probes for extreme physics, but their emission mechanisms, jet geometry, and magnetic field structure are not well understood and require new detection capabilities. The Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) is a gamma-ray space telescope… Read more

Electronic Structure Department Poster Fair

304 Weniger

Speaker: Solid State Physics Students

Summary: Graduate and Undergraduate Solid State Physics Students from PH 575 will present ~15 posters from 3 to 4:40 pm in 304 Weniger.

Every student performed first-principle Quantum Espresso DFT calculations on materials of interest, they then made a poster and wrote… Read more