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Science outreach event at a school

Join us for one of our upcoming Physics events!

We host colloquia, seminars and a number of outreach events.

Using Photons to Understand and Change Defects in Semiconductors

116 Weniger

Speaker: Prof. Matthew McCluskey, Washington State, Physics

The optical properties of semiconductors are inextricably linked to their electronic and vibrational properties. Electronic transitions from hydrogenic impurities and vibrational modes of mass defects lead to well-defined peaks in the infrared (IR) spectrum that provide information about the… Read more

How quantum mechanics can help cosmologists solve their problems

116 Weniger

Speaker: Prof. Craig Hogan, University of Chicago

The universe on the largest scales is controlled by gravity. Quantum fluctuations of the gravitational vacuum directly influence its behavior, even on the largest scales: they accelerate the cosmic expansion today, and created perturbations during early cosmic inflation that led to all large… Read more


149 Weniger

Speaker: Prof. Liz Gire, Oregon State Physics