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High Energy Physics

trajectories of high energy particles in a collider

Trajectories of high energy particles reveal nature's fundamental forces and building blocks.

High energy physics research at OSU focuses on the intersection of strong and weak interactions of elementary particles. The weak interactions are a very powerful probe of fundamental forces, but they are very hard to measure experimentally as their effects can be masked by strong nuclear forces. The current research program consists of the MINERvA and DUNE experiments at Fermilab which are searching for evidence of CP violation in neutrino scattering, which may explain the matter-anti-matter asymmetry in the Universe. MINERvA is doing a careful study of strong interaction effects in neutrino scattering which will lead to better understanding of precision CP violation physics when DUNE comes online in the mid 2020’s.

Schellman Research Blog

Heidi Schellman's blog details work done in high energy physics as well as other news about physics-related people and events.

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