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Major, Minor and Options

KC Walsh demonstrating physics to students

Opportunities abound! As a student in the physics major, you will gain interdisciplinary, computational, core and applied physics knowledge through our exemplary physics curriculum and a broad range of hands-on learning opportunities. With eight options to choose from, our program allows students to tailor their degree to meet their career and graduate school needs.

We also offer an innovative junior and senior curriculum that offers a truly unique way to experience and develop expertise in an array of physics topics. The Paradigms in Physics series is nationally renowned for its innovative curriculum that allows students to develop expertise in sub-fields such as electromagnetism, thermal physics, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.

Physics major

Physics majors study our nationally recognized Paradigms in Physics curriculum which has reinvented the way students learn physics. You’ll develop expertise in sub-fields of physics, engage in hands-on experience working in our laboratories, and build interdisciplinary, computational, core and applied physics knowledge and skills.

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Physics minor

Add a physics minor to your current major and experience a flexible mix of core and upper division courses that will train you in theoretical and applied physics, as well as impart technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. A minor in physics allows you to concentrate on the field of physics that interests you.

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