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Opportunities in Physics

Physics students at a table during Discovery Days

Hundreds of research labs on campus. 300 student clubs and counting. National and international internships. Almost all physics majors take advantage of real world out-of-the-classroom opportunities before they graduate by engaging in internships with industry off campus or joining a research group on the OSU campus. This is an excellent way to expand learning experiences in science and chemistry, earn credits to meet requirements, and sometimes get paid.

Physics internship opportunities

An internship provides an opportunity for a student to work in an industrial, government, or academic environment under the direction of a supervisor representing the interests of the employer and to experience first hand what physicists do in a professional setting. Normally the employer will be a business in which products or services are sold for profit or a governmental or academic agency performing prescribed specific functions.

Get professional development while assisting fellow students as a learning assistant

In a traditional lecture the instructor disseminates information in one direction. With the Learning Assistant (LA) model the instructors and student LAs moderate small group work. LAs are trained in content and best teaching practices during weekly pedagogy meetings with the instructors.

Undergraduate research

The physics major is the only program in the College of Science to require a thesis for graduation, which means that every physics major is given the life-changing opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member to enhance their problem solving, technical and scientific writing skills. Many of our research undergraduates end up as co-authors on scientific papers, and have gained experience in physics research spanning electromagnetics, cancer invasion and optical lasers.

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Outreach and engagement

Our department participates in a number of outreach events that help bring physics to the community. Getting involved in these events is a great way to boost your own learning and inspire young learners to develop a passion for science.

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Career resources

With a degree in physics, your future is wide open. Learn about the wide variety of fields our graduates have chosen careers in - from research and development to science policy. Explore some of the top job and internships we recommend for our students and recent graduates. Get the help you need with our extensive collection of resources for physics students, job seekers and those who advise them.

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Study abroad

OSU GO provides over 200 international opportunities for education, internships, and research in more than 70 different countries around the world. To develop a strategy for your program search and better navigate the options available to you, check out the Global Opportunities, Get Started page. Click the link below to explore various study abroad program models available to you and search through our wide range of OSU-supported study abroad programs.