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WIC Culture of Writing in Physics Award

WIC Culture of Writing in Physics Award

The Department of Physics and the WIC program recognize the importance of writing and communication in the discipline. Each year, we choose an outstanding undergraduate essay from the WIC (Writing Intensive Curriculum) courses for special recognition. The recipient receives an award of $100 and additional recognition by the University. Honorable mentions reflect the diversity of writing in physics - experimental, theoretical, computational, qualitative and quantitative research, second language writing and more.

All participants in the WIC classes for the physics major are eligible.

The WIC Culture of Writing in Physics Award recognizes undergraduate excellence in scientific writing. Students in PH 403 write a thesis that describes and explains the scientific research conducted in the course of the thesis project. Students in PH 317 write technical reports describing experiments they have performed.

Finalists for the award are chosen by the WIC instructors and the winner is decided by a committee of physics instructors.

The WIC Culture of Writing in Physics Award is due at the WIC program offices on Friday of week 9 of the spring term. The PH 403 thesis is submitted to the department on Friday of week 6. PH 317 reports are due before the end of the winter term. The WIC award recipient is announced at the departmental awards ceremony at the end of spring term.

Award winners


Richard Puro

Honorable mention: Jin Kiatvongcharoen, Hunter Nelson, Trevor Reid, Justin Sheetz, Rosemary Williams


Jacob van de Lindt

Honorable mention: McKenzie Meyer, Mai Sakuragi, Ryan Tollefsen, Dustin Treece


Brennan Douglas

Honorable mention: Abigail Kimbrough, John Waczak


Christopher May


Jeremy Meinke


Sam Kowash

Honorable mention: Katie Banowetz, Evan Peters


Michael Perlin


Heather Wilson