Our department has a wide range of ongoing research activities, including

  • Astrophysics
  • Biophysics
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Theory)
  • High Energy Physics
  • Optical Physics
  • Physics Education Research

Each of these areas provides students with an opportunity to learn important new research techniques and skills. There are opportunities to conduct research during the summer as well as the academic year.

Students are encouraged to directly contact the faculty members whose ongoing projects coincide with the student's own interests.  

Most physics majors complete a senior research project. You may contact Prof. Ethan Minot for additional information concerning possible research opportunities for the senior thesis. 

For more info:

Opportunities to present your work in a professional setting:

  • As part of PH403, you will prepare and present a 10-minute talk at the end of the year to describe your thesis work.
  • OSU poster fairs: CUE (Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence) for all undergraduates and the Honors College poster fair for HC students are both in May. CUE entry deadline is in April.
  • The Oregon Academy of Science Meeting, usually in February, usually in Portland, so easy to travel to. This is a regional conference and has sessions for different sciences, including Physics.
  • The Northwest APS regional conference, usually in May. This is a regional meeting of the American Physical Society where local physicists from the region's universities and companies give talks and poster presentations. Student participation is high. Talk to your advisor about this opportunity. The Physics department usually sponsors travel to the APS NW for students.
  • The ORAAPT (Oregon Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers) holds meetings every 2nd Saturday of March and 3rd Saturday of October. Great place to present PER research or research projects with an outreach or educational component.
  • CUWiP conferences in January (MLK Day weekend) are aimed at undergraduate women. They usually offer a poster session or some other opportunity to present work in addition to excellent talks and workshops.  Applications open in September with deadline in mid-October.
  • The Society of Physics Students hosts poster sessions at many of the annual meetings of AIP's professional societies to encourage undergraduate participation at professional conferences. They have travel awards you can apply for and you can even be a reporter!
  • Look out for SPS Zone Meetings locally to present your work. Better still, organize one here at OSU!
  • SPS helps sponsor PhysCon, a quadrennial Undergrad Physics Conference. The last one was in 2019.
  • National and International Conferences.Your advisor may be able to help you put together an application for travel funding if your work is accepted at a major national or international conference. The deadlines are often many months before the conference, so get going early.
  • Special Events. Look out for other opportunities to present a poster or a talk.