The Society of Physics Students is a professional association of students interested in physics. Besides physics majors, our members major in chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, and other fields. SPS offers opportunities to connect with other students interested in physics, and publishes information about scholarships, internships, research opportunities, awards, conferences, and many other useful items.


Become a Member!

Please contact the current SPS President for instructions on how to join the OSU's local SPS chapter. If you just want to join the national organization, see the SPS National home page.

SPS Officers 2020-2021:

President - Thomas Knudson

Vice-President - Christopher Magone

Treasurer -   Genevieve Connolly

Secretary - Jessica Waymire


SPS Officers 2019-2020 :

President: Dustin Treece

Vice President: Jonathan Carney

Secretary: Austin Mullins

Treasurer: Kaylin Gopal

Inclusion Officer: Elena Wennström

Faculty Advisor: Liz Gire


Useful Links:

OSU SPS Facebook

SPS National