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WIC Fair

WIC Fair

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 4:00 pm
Zoom (link via email)
Faculty - student meetings

The WIC Fair connects undergraduate physics majors with faculty members who could supervise their research (PH401). There are also three PH317 information sessions that any undergradute can attend.

The WIC Fair is offered via Zoom. The general zoom link, individual faculty zoom links, and meeting schedule have been sent to majors via email.

Join the general link for a general 10-minute introduction at 4pm and then go to individual faculty zoom rooms for 10-minute meetings, starting at 4:10pm. You have been scheduled up to talk to up to 3 faculty members at the WIC fair.

Emails also have instructions about how to prepare for the WIC Fair and next steps after the Fair.

Janet Tate