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Undergraduate Senior Thesis Presentations

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Presentations

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm
328 Weniger
Physics Majors

Senior undergraduate physics majors will give 10-minute talks about their research projects. The full list of presentations titles will be posted soon.

3:00 PM Joseph Stephens (advised by Dr McIntyre)
3:12 PM Brendan Snyder (advised by Dr McIntyre)
3:24 PM Austin Erickson (advised by Dr Hadley)
3:36 PM Andrew Ashby (advised by Dr Siemens)
3:48 PM Logan Holler (advised by Dr Woods, Nuc. Eng.)
4:00 PM Sully Bailey-Darland (advised by Dr Brown, Pharm.)
4:12 PM Jay Shin (advised by Dr Schneider)
4:24 PM Micah Toll (advised by Dr Walsh)

Ethan Minot