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Senior thesis presentations, Part I

Senior thesis presentations, Part I

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 3:00 pm
Colloquium Zoom room and password
PH403 seniors

Senior thesis 10 minute talks. Zoom link & password is same as for colloquium.

3:00 PMRoss DewberryGravitational Buoyancy Effects on Plasma Plume Formation
3:12 PMClark EmbletonTowards Molybdenum Disulfide Exciton-Polaritons in Metallic Microcavities
3:24 PMAcacia PattersonVariable Temperature Transport Measurements and Conduction Mechanisms of Crystalline and Amorphous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films
3:36 PMCameron StewartOptical properties comparison between similar thickness TiO2 polymorphs
3:48 PMKasey YokeOptical Analysis of IBF Polished Silicon Wafers for Purpose in Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
4:00 PMJiadi HeDissecting the directionality mechanism of Kinesin-5/Cut7 by using computational approaches
4:12 PMJacob TaylorThe Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Arrays: Evidence for the Background in Individual Pulsars
4:24 PMSteve NeimanEffects of independent group work on learning outcomes
4:36 PMCyrus OliverKeeping the Lights On: Measuring the non-blackbody emissions of LEDs under varying conditions at zero bias
4:48 PMJonathan CarneyPractical Mechanically Interlocked Molecules: A Model of Gas Adsorption in Metal Organic Frameworks Harboring Rotaxane Molecular Shuttles
5:00 PMCameron WiesnerOptoelectronic Properties of a Novel Fungi-derived Pigment
5:12 PMMai SakuragiAnalysis of semiconductor microcavity exciton-polaritons with coupled harmonic oscillators
5:24 PMAlex KuepperRossby Wave Instabilities in Hydrodynamic Simulations of 3D Protoplanetary Accretion Disks
5:36 PMDuy NguyenTowards an electrically driven quantum single-photon source at room temperature
5:48 PMHank GreenburgModeling Biodegradation of Crude Oil Spills on Sea Water Using Partial Differential Equations
6:00 PMHanna HansenDevelopment of Micro-Electrode Array Sensors for Electrochemical Detection of Dissolved Oxygen