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Senior Thesis Presentations Part I

Senior Thesis Presentations Part I

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 3:00 pm
304 Weniger
Senior class 2018

12-minute talks starting at 3pm. (See also June 12th for Part II)

3:00 Ryan Lance, Optical Analysis of Titania: Band Gaps of Brookite, Rutile and Anatase

3:12 Alex Quinn, Exploring the Optical and Electronic Properties of Xylindein, a Fungus-Derived Pigment, as a Sustainable Organic Semiconductor

3:24 Atilla Varga, Beating modes In proto-stellar disks

3:36 Darlene Focht, Stellar Disks with Keplarian Rotation and Star-Disk Coupling

3:48 Joshua Randolph, Accretion Disk Formation in Newly Formed Binary Black Hole Systems

4:00 Cassie Hatcher, redicting Gamma and X-Ray Polarization from Supernova Remnants

4:12 Daniel Still, Measurement of Double Layer Capacitance of Single Layer Graphene

4:24 Andrew Lam, Spectral Analysis of Anthradithiophene Derivatives with Polarization Dependence

4:36 Colin Muniz, Synthesis and Characterization of New Rare Earth Niobates