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Senior Thesis Presentations I

Senior Thesis Presentations I

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 2:45 pm
Weniger 328 & Zoom

PH403 Seniors

Senior thesis 10 minute talks Part I. Hybrid mode: Weniger 328 and Colloquium Zoom room. The first talk will begin at 3pm SHARP. Please join a few minutes before 3pm for introductions. Coffee and cookies for in-person attendees.

•3:00 – 3:10 Magnus L'Argent: Hyperspectral Imaging of Atomically Thin Materials, (M. Graham)
•3:12 – 3:22 Abbie Glickman: Interannual variability of oceanographic conditions on the continental shelf outside of Sermilik Fjord, (F. Straneo)
•3:24 – 3:10 Jose Medina-Hernandez: The Periodic Signature of Planetary Masses Around Pulsars, (X. Siemens)
•3:36 – 3:46 Christopher Gamboa: Fermi Estimates: Identifying the Connections Between Counting Units and Deriving Quick Formulas, (E. Gire)
•3:48 – 3:58: Alexa Zaback: Electron Temperature in a LED Quantum Well Below Turn-On Voltage, (M. Graham)
•4:00 – 4:10 Tucker Rhead: Varying Star-to-Disk Mass Ratio in Protostellar Systems Including Computationally Resolved Stars (K. Hadley)
•4:12 – 4:24 Thomas Knudson: Cartographer: Using Python to Animate the Motion of Low-Mass Objects about a Schwarzschild Black Hole, (K. Hadley)
•4:24 – 4:34 Tyler Norgren: A Deep Dive into an Introductory Physics Course Curriculum, (KC Walsh)
•4:36 – 4:46 Jared Smith: Using Sentiment Analysis to Predict Transformative Experience in Physics Education Research, (KC Walsh)
•4:48 – 4:58 Jaden Downing: Analysis of Radio Signals for New Pulsar Detection (X. Siemens)