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Senior Thesis 2019

Senior Thesis 2019

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm
Weniger 304


14 students will present their work. Each student will speak for 10 minutes and answer questions for 2 minutes. Audience members can enter/exit in between talks (please be discrete).

3:00pm - Kelda Diffendaffer
“Oxygen’s Effect on Electrical Measurements of TiO2 Polymorphs” (advisor Janet Tate)

3:12pm - David Haas
“Detection of exciton polaritons in organic thin film TES-ADT” (advisor Oksana Ostroverkhova)

3:24pm - Sean McDonough
“Calculating Lift and Drag Forces on Surfboards using a Navier-Stokes solver and Momentum Conservation” (advisor David Roundy)

3:36pm - Jesse Weller
“Beyond Scattering: Identifying the Boundaries of Light Control Through Opaque Materials with a Genetic Wavefront Optimization Algorithm” (advisor Guenter Schneider)

3:48pm - John Waczak
“Drunken Walking: A Novel Brownian Dynamics Simulation for the Mechanochemical Cycle of the Dynein Motor Protein” (advisor David Roundy)

4:00pm - John Micallef
“Deriving relationships between number of observed short gamma ray bursts and viewing angle” (advisor David Lazzati)

4:12pm - Jacob Rogers
“Examining Particulate Size Distributions of Alternative Jet Fuels Under Turbulent Flame Conditions” (advisor David Blunck)

4:24pm - Victor Brequigny
“Terahertz field enhancement in nanoantennas on gallium arsenide” (advisor Yun-Shik Lee)

4:36pm - Troy Tyma
“Riesz Transforms on a Sphere” (advisor HoeWoon Kim)

4:48pm - Alex Gonzalez
“Data analysis on the Swellex-96 experiment: Source localization and tracking by matched-field-processing” (advisors William Hodgkins, Scripps & Bo Sun, OSU)

5:00pm - Reese Siegel
“Understanding Change: Surface manipulative-activities as a tool for addressing student difficulties in Thermodynamics” (advisor Liz Gire)

5:12pm - Cade Trotter
“Multi-Grand, Multi-Canonical, Flat Histogram, Monte Carlo Simulations for the Square Well Fluid” (advisor David Roundy)

5:24pm - Calvin Henry
“Improving the Gradient Effects of Plasma on a Triple Langmuir Probe” (advisor Brian Woods)

5:36pm - Nikita Grigorian
“A Convolutional Neural Network For Cell Classification” (advisor Guenter Schneider)

Ethan Minot