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Of Predators and Prey

Of Predators and Prey

Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 4:00 pm
LINC 200
Dr. Henri Berestycki

Abstract: The classical Lotka‐Volterra model that describes predator – prey
interaction is one of the cornerstones of mathematical ecology. In this lecture I will
introduce this system and recall some of its main features. I will then present an
extension of the original Lotka‐ Volterra system that aims at showing how
territories are formed as a result of strong competition between packs of predators.

Biography: Professor Henri Berestycki is chair of Mathematical analysis and
modelling at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS). He is a
mathematician working in the area of non‐linear partial differential equations
covering both fundamental developments in this theory and applications to
different disciplines. Professor Berestycki defines himself as a mathematician in
dialogue with other fields of knowledge. He has worked in several areas motivated
by physics, in particular scalar field equations, reactive flows and combustion. More
recently, he has been involved in research motivated by questions in social sciences,
such as economics and finance and collective behaviors. Professor Berestycki’s
Lonseth Lecture reflects his interest in modeling problems in ecology and reactiondiffusion

Before joining EHESS, which he directs, Professor Berestycki held positions at the
Pierre et Marie Curie University, the Ecole Normale Supériere and was a Visiting
Professor at the University of Chicago. His awards and recognition include being a
Knight of the French Legion of Honor and recipient of the Sophie Germain prize
given by the French Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.