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From Junior Winter to Senior Fall, each term has two 5-week intensive Paradigms: one that runs weeks 1-5 and the another weeks 6-10 (text color green). The intensive courses is 3 credits each, for a total of 6 credits per term.  They are scheduled at 13:00-13:50 on M, W, F and 12:00-13:50 on T, R (i.e. 7 hours per week). A brief description of each course can be found by clicking on the links on the Course Descriptions page.

All other courses (in black text) run 10 weeks.


Junior Courses Senior Courses
Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring
PH 335 Techniques of Theoretical Mechanics PH 422 Static Fields  PH 425 Quantum Fundamentals  PH 424 Waves & Oscillations PH 426 Central Forces PH 427 Periodic Systems PH 423 Energy & Entropy PH 451 Quantum Capstone  PH 441 Stat Mech Capstone
PH 365 Computational Lab PH 366 Computational Lab PH 367 Computational Lab PH 431 E&M Capstone PH 481 Physical Optics  
PH 315 Physics of Contemporary Challeges             PH 415 Computer Interfaces  
PH 411 Electronics            
          PH 403 Thesis  PH 403 Thesis  PH 403 Thesis



Add/Drop and Withdraw Dates

The Paradigms courses follow the university's deadlines for full term and half term courses.


Finals for the Paradigms are entirely at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor may choose to use regularly scheduled class time for all or part of the evaluations. Alternatively, the instructor may choose an appropriate Finals Week slot or may schedule a Monday evening final the week after the last class of that Paradigm. If used, this last alternative will be listed in the Schedule of Classes. Some Paradigms do not have a final.