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Each term has two Paradigms courses at 3 credits each, for a total of 6 credits per term. The Paradigms courses are 5 weeks each. 

All the Paradigms courses are scheduled at 13:00-13:50 on M, W, F and 12:00-13:50 on T, R (i.e. 7 hours per week). A brief description of each course can be found by clicking on the links on the Course Descriptions page.

Paradigms generally begin on a Monday and end on a Friday.

Add/Drop and Withdraw Dates

The Paradigms courses follow the university's deadlines for full term and half term courses.


Finals for the Paradigms are entirely at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor may choose to use regularly scheduled class time for all or part of the evaluations. Alternatively, the instructor may choose an appropriate Finals Week slot or may schedule a Monday evening final the week after the last class of that Paradigm. If used, this last alternative will be listed in the Schedule of Classes. Some Paradigms do not have a final.