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  1. There are computers in the classroom (Weniger 304) that we will use frequently in class. You will use your ONID username and password to authenticate your login. These computers will NOT be available outside of class.
  2. There are also computers in the lab space (Weniger 304F) which are available to Paradigms students 24/7. See Keys (below).
  3. Students in the Paradigms courses are entitled to an account on the Physics Department cluster in Weniger 412, although we will not formally use these machines. If you want such an account, email and request your password. Make sure you give your full name, and identify yourself as a physics undergraduate. Please make sure that your username on the physics cluster is the same as your username on ONID.


Students in Paradigms/Capstones classes are entitled (not required) to purchase three keys: to Wngr 304F, the lab room (which has Windows computers available 24/7), to Wngr 412, the computer lab (with Linux computers available 24/7), and to the building.

  • Lab Room (Wngr 304F): Cost-$5 refundable. Give your name and student ID number to the receptionist in the Physics Office (Wngr 301). A Key Request Card will be issued to you. Take the Key Request Card, photo ID, and money to the OSU Key Shop (on Washington, south of the Kerr Administration building). Note: If you belong to the SPS and have a key to the SPS room, it will also open the classroom. You do not need a separate classroom key. The reverse is not true. The classroom key will not open the SPS room.
  • Computer Lab (Wngr 412): Cost-$5 non-refundable, exact change please. See the receptionist in the Physics Office (Wngr 301) for the required paperwork. An electronic key card will be issued directly to you by the receptionist.
  • Building: The procedure is the same as for the lab room key.