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Policy on Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Policy on Adjunct Faculty Appointments

This is the policy for the appointment and evaluation of adjunct faculty in physics at Oregon State, adopted by the faculty 2/12/2015.

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Adjunct faculty are professorial-rank faculty associated with one or more OSU departments but paid by other units of Oregon State University.

Nomination and appointment

Potential adjunct faculty members should be nominated by a member of the physics faculty. Their CV and a brief description of their proposed or current connection to the department should be included in the nomination.

Connections that would be considered as justification for an adjunct position would be

  • Supervision or co-supervision of physics students
  • Service to the physics department on committees or in other capacities
  • Teaching of courses in physics, either directly or through cross-listing in related fields
  • Collaborative research with members of the physics department

These criteria are designed to be flexible but a substantial connection is needed.

As these positions are professorial only, the tenure-line faculty in the department will then discuss and vote on the appointment with a majority of those present required for approval.

Adjunct appointees may be invited to faculty meetings and may participate in discussion. They do not have voting rights.

The University policy suggests annual review. Those annual reviews may be pro forma and performed by the Head and Advisory Committee. The full faculty need become involved only if a problem is identified in the annual review. Appointments will be subject to full review, including an updated CV and description of joint activities, followed by a full faculty vote once every three years.