COSINE provides computer support.
They can help you order computers, set up your email etc… is where your home area will be. Henri Jansen generally sets you up there.
You need to sign up for an exchange account and a science account and forward your exchange stuff to science.  Exchange gives you voicemail and calendering, Science gives you more space for your actual emails.
Best to go visit cosine and have them set this up as there are interesting features in forwarding from exchange to science. 
You need to - at the minimum - do safety awareness for non-lab employees at
if you are using labs/equipment you should look at the Dept. safety page. 
The Dept. Admin Assistant will get you key authorization, you then walk that over to get your actual key.  Faculty need the “faculty master” and a building key.
Rules and regs
has more than you want to know
To have anything to do with student records, you need to complete FERPA training
Go to, choose Employee and look for FERPA in the column on the right.  
The office assistant needs to request this.  It takes a while.
We have a color printer and the copier in the Dept. office.  There are also printers in many of the teaching labs.  COSINE can set you up to use them
OSU_secure and eduroam can be accessed with your onid and password.  Set up eduroam and you can get wifi at universities all over the world!
Physics Specific Info
DEPT ADMIN tab has a lot of useful information.
COURSES has information and links for courses
as a dept wiki - ask for the password - it’s different
for example - Paradigms are described at
Policies for moving expenses
New employee orientation
Local paper for neighborhood information
@gtnews on twitter
Arts and Sciences business center for advice on finance/personnel issues. Click on your unit to figure out who your contacts are.
Oregon State  has daily (weekly in summer) announcements, news stories - nice to read
Corvallis   has lots of information (can find full documentation of building permits for example)
Fitness programs