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students analyzing beakers in lab

Nearly 40 students win 2018 SURE Science awards

By Mary Hare

Students in the College of Science had another rewarding summer of research, thanks to the financial support from SURE Science scholarships. In 2018, 38 students received $5,500 each for a total of $209K. This is a substantial increase from previous years, thanks to a generous contribution to the 2018 SURE Science program, which is supported by generous science alumni and friends.

SURE Science is a competitive program designed to support undergraduate summer research opportunities for College of Science students, which can be invaluable for student success. Besides the hands-on learning experience, students build connections with world-class scientists and are able to actively participate in groundbreaking research. The award is most appreciated by students who already have jobs working in labs during the school year, and use the scholarship to be able to stay and work in Corvallis when they could not otherwise.

Beginning last year, students were able to participate in an information session geared to help them make the most of the research opportunities available on campus. Additionally, they will participate in three valuable professional development workshops:

  • Team dynamics
  • Scientific writing and presentations
  • Informal scientific communication

What makes these workshops so important is that they provide a critical link between the knowledge learned in the classroom and the work they are conducting on a professional level. This prepares students for graduate school or a professional job upon graduation.

As always, students gain valuable experience by presenting their work in a professional setting. For example, several SURE Science scholars presented their research posters at the College’s Fall Faculty and Staff Awards this month.

While SURE Science is only open to undergraduate majors in the College of Science, several SURE Science scholars have faculty mentors from departments in the Colleges of Public Health and Agricultural Sciences.

Congratulations to these impressive SURE Science Scholars!

2018 SURE Science Scholars

Student MajorFaculty Mentor
1Nicolas ArevaloMathematicsSastry Pantula
2Molly AustinChemistrySandra Loesgen
3Carlos AvendanoBiologyBruce Menge
4Connor BaileyChemistryClaudia Maier
5Andrew BakerBiochemistryMolly Burke
6David BemisChemistryVincent T. Remcho
7Sophia BethelBiologyMichael Freitag
8Jenna BeyerBiochemistryRichard Cooley
9Rebekah ClearyBiochemistryDee Denver
10Zachary ColbertPhysicsMatt W. Graham
11Andrew CollinsPhysicsEthan Minot
12Jamison CozartMicrobiologyMartin Schuster
13Lam DucBioHealth SciencesAlvaro Estevez
14Joseph EdgertonBiologyJeff Chang
15Clark EmbletonPhysicsEthan Minot
16Mary EnglishMicrobiologyRyan Mueller
17Franco FelixBiologyMichael Bouin
18Brooke FreyBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyArup Indra
19Samuel FuBiologyJaga Giebultowicz
20Sonia GrutziusBiochemistry & BiophysicsRyan Mehl
21Kaito HiokiBiochemistry & BiophysicsAndrey Morgun
22Lylan HoBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyWei Kong
23Tera HurstBioHealth SciencesEmily Ho
24Sophia JadzakMicrobiologyStephen Atkinson
25Marija JozicBiologyAndrew Annalora
26Nadia KingBiologyShauna Tominey
27Austin MartinMicrobiologyMaude David
28Blake MigakiBioHealth SciencesGary Merrill
29Cocoro NagasakaChemistryMay Nyman
30Elora OrmandZoologyRebecca Terry
31Mikayla PivecBioHealth SciencesKelly D. Chandler
32Tristan ReynoldsChemistryDouglas A. Keszler
33Rachel SousaMathCory Simon
34Sean TrobaughBiologyVirginia Weis
35Oliver Valdivia CamachoBiochemistry & BiophysicsMaria Clara Franco
36Daniel WhittleBiochemistry & BiophysicsAdrian F. Gombart
37Kaseylin YokePhysicsHeidi Schellman
38Bahiya ZahlBiochemistry & Molecular BiologySteven Strauss