The Graduate Student Council is devoted to improving the departmental climate for all students educated and employed by our department, with emphasis on the graduate student experience. We serve not only as an internal monitor to ensure that the terms of the CGE contract which protects all graduate employees are met by the department, but also as a mediator to bring forth the questions, concerns and grievances experienced by graduate students while exacting their duties in the capacities of teaching and/or research assistants.

Our roles will be to speak on behalf of the physics graduate student population

1)    as a whole in the physics department to the best of our ability and

2)    to provide a safe medium for individual students to convey specific grievances between students and faculty, should the occasion arise.

We will work in concert with an elected faculty liaison to ensure that all parties are fairly represented in any decision making or deliberation processes. In doing so, we hope to improve the dialogue between faculty and graduate students, to learn and employ useful skills in administering changes to departmental policies and guidelines, and thereby create a more amenable environment for students and faculty.

It is our most firm conviction that we will be a stronger department only when we all work together toward our common goal of advancing knowledge as students, teachers, and researchers alike.

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Current Members 2021-2022:

Jonathan Alfson

Jerry Sun

Faculty Liaison: Liz Gire (she/her)

Past Members


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