Accelerated Master's Platform in Physics

The Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP) in Physics allows current OSU Physics majors to take graduate classes in Physics, apply those credits to their current undergraduate degree, and also transfer them to the MS graduate program at OSU. Up to twelve graduate credits will count towards a bachelor's degree and transfer to the Physics Master's program. With careful planning, students could complete a master’s degree within 1 year of finishing their bachelor's degree.

Participating programs:

  • undergraduate: BS & BA in Physics, and HBS & HBA (Honors BS & BA in Physics)
  • graduate program: MS in Physics

Applications and advising:

All successful applicants will have completed at least the junior core courses in physics and have an AMP advisor who is also their research mentor; see below for GPA and other requirements. Any Physics graduate faculty member can serve as AMP advisor.

The Head Graduate Advisor in Physics serves as the AMP Coordinator.

Admission Requirements:

  1. An OSU GPA of at least 3.25.
  2. Completion of 105 credits.
  3. Junior status (at least) in an undergraduate degree program in physics. (Post-baccalaureate students are ineligible.)
  4. Completion of PH 422, PH 423, PH 424, PH 425, PH 426, and PH 427.
  5. A GPA of at least 3.5 in all upper-division physics courses.
  6. Three letters of reference, including one from a graduate faculty member in Physics who agrees to be the AMP advisor.
  7. Other documents and requirements as required by Graduate School, and in particular, a complete online application on the Graduate School website . The required documents include a statement of objectives, and a tentative plan of study.

Admission Process:

  • Student application deadline for the AMP: ALL materials must be submitted one month before the start of any term.
  • Complete the online application via the Graduate School website. (When you select the Start A New Application drop down menu, choose the last item:" Have a code?" and enter the code.  You will need to see David McIntyre to get the application code.)
  • Admission is selective, not all of the applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be accepted.
  • Decision by one week before the start of the term.

Typical Timeline (other timelines are possible, see David McIntyre for more details):

  • Junior year (typically the year you apply to AMP): complete required courses, find an advisor, and apply.
    • The candidate completes all admission requirements by the end of Spring term of the junior year and obtains a commitment from a member of the physics graduate faculty to serve as a mentor beginning with admission to the AMP and as a major professor through the MS degree program.
    • Apply to AMP before the senior year.
  • Senior year (typically the first year in AMP): earn graduate credits (12 credits can be transferred to your MS program), start research, and complete your BS degree.
    • By the end of the first week of Fall, the participant develops a course plan with the AMP advisor and obtains approval of the Undergraduate Head Advisor and Graduate Head Advisor. Most course plans will include involvement in meaningful research starting in Fall term.
    • The participant takes up to 12 credits of non-blanket graduate-level PH courses (taken for a letter grade) that can be applied toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

      A highly recommended choice is to choose from this list: PH 531, PH 541, PH 551, PH 555, PH 575, PH 581, PH 585, PH 591, PH 595. The participant must earn a grade of at least B in each course of the 12 credits applied to both the baccalaureate and graduate degree programs.

  • Year 1 of graduate program:
    • Transfer up to 12 credits towards your MS degree, take graduate courses as required, do research.

Frequently Asked Questions about AMP in Physics