Physics research at OSUIntroduction

Graduate students in physics at Oregon State Univsity work toward a PhD degree in close collaboration with a supportive research faculty. Our energetic faculty lead investigations in a range of research areas

Application process

Applications and letters of reference are due on January 15th. Late applications received before January 30 will be given full consideration, but late applications are less likely to be nominated for special fellowship/scholarship funding (see financial support section above).Please see this link for more information on the application process ( More information) .  


Oregon State University is located in Corvallis in the heart of the Willamette Valley and is the westernmost city in the contiguous 48 states. The city is mid-sized with a population of about 110K (Corvallis-Albany).  The city is among the most well-educated in the United States. The climate is mild, with warm, dry summers. To the west, the Pacific coast of Oregon can be reached in under an hour. The Cascade mountains are less than two hours to the east, offering hiking, world-class skiing, and other mountain activities. 

Financial Support

Entering students are offered full financial support as graduate teaching assistants or research assistants. The stipends and health insurance (insurance for both individuals and families) compare favorably to other institutions. Dollar amounts are especially strong when compared to the cost of living in Corvallis. For example, the rent index is approximately 26 (percentage of New York City prices). 

Students who apply to our PhD program by the application deadline will be automatically considered for a number of fellowship/scholarship awards that support graduate student success. The awards include the Wei Family Foundation Scholarship, the Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships, and the OSU Physics Foundation Scholarship. 

Visiting the department

Personal visits to the department are encouraged throughout the year. Please contact to arrange a visit. Professors and current graduate students will be happy to discuss the graduate program with you.

Additionally, an open house for invited prospective graduate students is scheduled every March.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the department, and meet other prospective grads before making a final decision. When conditions improve again, the department will pay for travel and accommodation for applicants who have been offered admission to the program. When possible, admitted international students visitors will be supported up to prevailing domestic travel rates.   We are easily reached from major airports with hourly shuttle service from Portland Airport.

Frequently asked questions

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