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Physics 332, Fall 2018
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Instructor: Tom Giebultowicz ("Dr. Tom")
Office hours: R 9:00 - 9:50 am & 12:00 -- 12:50, WNGR 204 (in the room where the lab is);
or by appointment (pleasearrange via e-mail)
E-mailng Dr. Tom: giebultt@oregonstate.edu, or via Canvas.
Phone: 737 1707; contacting by e-mail: giebultt@oregonstate.edu
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Part One: the same as the Study Guide for the Midterm: Please click!
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Lecture Notes:
Chapter01 (complete),
Chapter02 (complete).
Chapter03 (complete).
Chapter04 (complete),
Chapter05 (in the form of slides; a few more to be added),
Chapter06 (polarization; again, in a slide form),
Chapter07 (again, slides; complete).
Chapter08 (human eye, color vision, color encoding).
Chapter09 (Binocular vision).

Term paper deadline: our last class meeting.
Some examples of possible term paper topics:
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Guidelines how to write the term paper: Please click!
Term paper examples from other courses:
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Yet another example (could be a bit longer)
And yet another (it's OK to put the
figures at the end -- but with captions! Or, at least, with tags:
Fig. 1, Fig.2,.., and the captions listed on a separate page).

Click here for the Syllabus
Lab manuals
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