Dave Bannon David Bannon                                                                         
 Chris Coffin Chris Coffin
Fred DeAngelis Fred DeAngelis, Lab Manager
Kathryn Hadley Kathryn Hadley
Randy Milstein Randy Milstein
 KC Walsh KC Walsh
Paul J. Emigh Paul J. Emigh
Evan Thatcher
Rebecka Tumblin
  Richard Wagner

Senior Researchers and Professors of Practice

 David Craig 

David Craig – Associate Department Head and Professor of Practice
Research Area: Quantum Cosmology, Quantum Foundations

no photo available

Emily van Zee
Research Area: Physics Education Research                                                                

Adjunct, Affiliate, and Courtesy Professors 

No photo available  Pavel Kornilovich (Hewlett Packard, Corvallis)
Research Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics   
Doug Keszler  Douglas Keszler (Chemistry Department, OSU)
Research Area: inorganic materials for next-generation electronic and energy devices
 Tevian Dray

Tevian Dray (Mathematics Department, OSU)
Research Area: General relativity, octonions, mathematics and physics education research

 Greg Herman Greg Herman (School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, OSU)
Research Area: heterogeneous catalysts; solid oxide fuel cells; green manufacturing processes for displays and solar cells; novel optical and electrical materials