The Wormhole (Weniger 334)

Physics Collaboration and Help Center

 The WormHole is an informal space to work with on physics with your peers under the guidance of experienced Assistants. 


Below is a link to the Wormhole schedule, including Assistants available during each hour.  All students are welcome to come at any time to work together, to request assistance, or to ask questions.

You can ask for help from any Assistant, but the Assistants connected to your course may be more familiar with the topics and homework for that course.  Consider this when choosing times to visit.

Your classmates can be a terrfic resource.  When you have a question, think about asking other students in the Wormhole if they've worked it out.  This can be a good approach especially during crowded times when the Assistants are in high demand.

Wormhole hours:

    Monday - Thursday  |  10 am - 6 pm,

    Friday  |  10 am - 4 pm

    Saturday and Sunday |  closed

 The schedule

You can view a schedule of the Assistants who are available at


Requesting Assistance

To ask for help, fill out the form below.  An assistant will take your request in order.

Alternativley, you can enter a request by clicking on this link   |  Form icon


Code of Conduct

The Wormhole is an informal space for physics collaboration.

It works best when we accord each other common courtesy.

 Be respectful of other students.
  • Respect others' personal and work spaces.
  • Be conscious of aromas.
  • Be aware of your speech.
  • Respect those who will use the space next.
  • Be mindful of the learning environment.
Be respectful of the Assistants.
  • Be patient - the Assistants will help as many people as possible.
  • Remember that Assistants assist.  They are there to help you learn, not to do the problem or to tell you the answer.
  • Assistants will try to help everyone, but be patient when they aren't familiar with the problem in your course.
  • The Wormhole gets crowded.  If you're not working on physics, please give up your space to those who are.

Following these guidelines will help ensure the Wormhole remains a place where everyone can learn effectively.

 We have an open-door policy but do ask that you help us track demand by doing the following:

  • Scan your ID when entering the room.  This helps ensure we allocate enough resources to the Wormhole.
  • If you would like help from an Assistant, enter your table and course number in the queue.  Assistants will address those in the queue first.  This helps ensure all questions are addressed in a fair manner.

For Assistant use only

Queue sheet  |  Spreadsheet icon