SSO Seminar
Thursday, February 17, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00
Event Speaker: 
Alexandra Werth
Local Contact: 
David Roundy

Collaboration is an integral part of physics and research. In fact, the American Association of Physics Teachers Recommendations for the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Curriculum suggest that one of the goals for students in physics labs should be to develop "interpersonal communication skills" through "teamwork and collaboration." Collaborative learning has been shown to have overwhelming benefits, including increased motivation, creativity, and reflection as well as the development of conceptual knowledge and communication skills. However, fostering positive and productive group work can be a challenge for students and instructors alike. Here, I present on our recent work evaluating how students engaged in socially-shared regulation with their teams during a remote, course-based research experience. In addition, I will discuss future research directions including the development of a theoretical framework to describe the breadth of goals for group work in physics courses, the need for widely-accessible assessment tools to evaluate group work outcomes, and the design of effective teaching practices to promote these positive group work outcomes and experiences.