General Event
Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:15
Zoom (links TBA)
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The WIC Fair is for physics majors who have not yet decided on their Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) option to interview faculty one-on-one about research projects for the upcoming year (required for registration for PH403) and to learn about PH317-Experimental Physics. PH403 and PH317 are the two WIC courses offered by Physics. [Please consult the undergrad WIC page.]

Order of Events:
Wednesday 10th
4:00 p.m All students meet in the main Zoom Room [https://oregonstate.zoom.us/s/99897768846 ] for a brief orientation by Ethan Minot and Janet Tate. The main Zoom room will remain open all the time, managed by Lori Emmons, so students and faculty can go there if they have questions.
4:10 p.m onwards: Students meet one-on-one for 10 min with faculty in separate Zoom rooms (the final appointment schedule will be sent out on Wednesday morning). Zoom rooms will have waiting rooms enabled.
4:20 pm and 4:50 pm: PH317 info sessions open to all at either time. Zoom Room:
Meetings will be scheduled to try to finish by 5pm, but there may be a few interviews between 5-5:30 pm if scheduling is difficult.
Friday 12th
Close of business: Students send priortized list of 4 preferences for WIC to Lori Emmons. PH317 must be among them and 4th choice will be replaced with PH317 if it is not included.