This spring term, there will be 2 different styles of Ph211 offered. One will be the traditional course with 3 hours of lecture (MWF) and a 3 hour lab. The other course will minimize lecture and incorporate a studio session, and consist of 2 hours of lecture (TR), a 2 hour studio, and a 2 hour lab. Lecture sections of both course styles will cap at 200 students, and the labs for both courses are similar (though longer for the traditional course). The studio sections will utilize interactive, collaboratively-based instructional methods in classes of up to 72 students. As student attention is drawn to analyzing different physical situations, a teacher and assistants circulate around the room and engage students in Socratic dialogs. The reduced lecture time will be primarily for motivation, to provide an overview of topics, and to see applications of the methods developed in the studio session. When you register, the lecture that meets 3 times a week must be matched with a 3 hour lab, it should work that you have to register for both. If you choose the course with the studio section you register for the tues/thurs lecture, one studio section and one of the 2 hour labs. The 221 recitation is an additional hour available for all students as a separate registration.

Thursday, February 11, 2010
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