This page has information on planning and getting reimbursed for travel.
gives an overview of travel policies.  
has a lot of helpful information and links. 
Note: Students are generally no eligible for travel advances.  The department can you assist you in precharging items such as conference registration and airfare to avoid large upfront costs.
Note: Foreign travel requires prior authorization, flying on US airlines in most cases careful attention to visas for the country you are going to and, if not a US citizen,  having a valid visa to return.  Getting reimbursed requires following the rules so please make certain you know the requirements for your trip.
Getting funding
Will your PI cover some of the costs?
Have you applied for additional funding?  Professional organizations may provide assistance and the graduate school and COS have travel award programs. 
The Department has to nominate for the grad school award - the top 3 (decent) proposals each quarter will receive a $500 match from the Dept. regardless of success with the grad school.  Nominations must, however, follow the guidelines from the grad school carefully and come with this Dept nomination form to be eligible for the Dept. bonus. 

Has instructions for the College of Science Awards which are $500 for foreign travel.  Deadlines are May 1, August 1, November 1 and February 1.  You can apply yourself but will need either your advisor or the Dept. to pledge matching funds so line that up before applying.

Paying for things

NOTE: If you are accessing funds from your PI or the Department (and the travel awards are routed through the Department) you are REQUIRED to attach a letter from your PI stating where the funds come from with your reimbursement request.  Requests without that information will be rejected. 
Conference Registration
Conference registration fees can be paid by the Department from the PI’s grant.  The PI must authorize and Kelly Carter or Judy Burks can assist in making the payment.
Airfare and other travel 
With permission of the PI, travel can be booked through the University’s travel contractor.  To do so, please notify Taimi Dark in ASBC that the travel is approved through the Departmental form: (need your PI to provide index) and call or contact Azumo Travel via   Azumano will check with Taimi  before booking.
Foreign travel
As of 2019, OSU has new formal policies on foreign travel.  You need to read and understand them.  Not doing so can lead to not getting reimbursed, not having health insurance while you travel, and possibly loss of grant funding for your project.  The new policies are listed HERE
You must register your trip with Risk Management.  This gets you travel medical coverage for your trip.
Foreign travel on federal grants requires pre-authorization by OSRAA.   The PI must submit a form available at
The travel must also comply with the Fly America Act and generally requires flying on an American carrier. 
Do you need vaccinations?  Check the CDC pages for the country you will be visiting  The cost may be reimbursable, see the travel policy page.  Student Health can assist. 
Do you have a valid passport?  Generally it needs to be valid for at least 6 months from your departure date.
Do you need/have a visa for the countries you will be visiting?  This may require a letter of invitation from your hosts and should be planned far in advance. 
If you are not a US citizen, will you be able to leave/return with your current visa? Please check with the OSU International Office before leaving the country. We want you to come back.
Getting Reimbursed
1. Receipts: You need receipts for all reimbursable expenses except for per diem costs (food). Check with your PI on the acceptable per diem in your group as it may be lower than the official rates. (Yes, Geneva CH says something like 250$/day, I do it for $50...)  If meals are provided, you need to remove those meals from the per diem calculation. 
Note:  Oregon State doe not use GSA rates, the maximum rates are listed at
2. What account is the trip charged to?  It is useful to know this when filling out the reimbursement forms - ask your PI. Get an email from your PI approving the expenditure.
3. Fill out the TRES travel form with your trip itinerary and expenses, enter Koerner, Jonah as the person to review it.  Fill in the form, print it to pdf and email it along with scans of all of the receipts to Jonah Koerner in ASBC.  Once he has validated it,  he will send you a pdf version.  You will need to sign the form and then get signatures from your PI and Dept. Head.  You should do this as soon as possible.
You can find TRES at > employee > TRES in the rightmost column