General Event
Monday, April 9, 2012 - 16:00 to 18:00
Weniger 212
Event Speaker: 
Several Faculty Members
Local Contact: 

Everyone is welcome to attend the third annual physics department open house.

All students are welcome to attend any part of the event, but we strongly encourage first and second year students majoring in physics to participate.

At 4:00 Prof. McIntyre will give an overview of research performed in the department. From 4:20 to 5:20 we have tours, each tour takes about 15 minutes, and tours will leave at 4:20, 4:40, and 5:00 from Weniger 212. The tour options are listed at the bottom of this page. At 5:20 we will reconvene in Weniger 212 to discuss (1) what to expect in a physics major, (2) which jobs can you get, (3) physics student group SPS, and (4) anything you have questions about. Food will be provided.

<tr> <td width=100> Tour number <td width=200> Laboratory <td width=150> Field <td width=400> Tour leader(s)
<tr><td> 1 <td> Tate <td> Materials <td> Chris Reidy
<tr><td> 2 <td> Computational Physics <td> Materials <td> Faye Barras
<tr><td> 3 <td> Minot <td> Nano-materials <td> Ethan Minot
<tr><td> 4 <td> Lee <td> Optics <td> Zack Thompson, Michael Paul
<tr><td> 5 <td> Physics Education <td> Education <td> TBA
<tr><td> 6 <td> McIntyre <td> Optics <td> TBA
<tr><td> 7 <td> Ostroverkhova <td> Optics <td> Whitney Shepherd
<tr><td> 8 <td> Hetherington <td> Astronomy <td> Mason Keck