Monday, November 16, 2015 - 16:00 to 17:00
Weniger 116
Event Speaker: 
Laura King, HP Inc.
Local Contact: 
Janet Tate

Imagine thermal shocking your microprocessor between 50 and 700 deg C at up to 1200 PSI, billions of times in the presence of caustics and electrochemistry. These are the design requirements for thermal ink jet MEMS technology. HP Inc. is the leader in print. The story of how incubation in HP’s “garage” led to the transformation of digital space to the physical world and a mature business that continues to fuel innovation within HP Inc. will be shared. The smart surfaces of today challenge the consumer print market, but did you know most printing has yet to go completely digital? The fundamentals of MEMS ink jet and its integration within the printer eco-system are detailed. The technology innovation and expertise required for a successful 2D print business that brought photo printing to the home a few decades ago and is today enabling personalized advertising in the industrial space are described. How this sets the stage for advances in 3D printing technology will also be touched upon.