Special Lecture
Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 10:00 to 16:00
LaSells Stewart Center
Event Speaker: 
Randy Milstein and Davide Lazzati
Local Contact: 
Randy Milstein or Davide Lazzati

Grab a front row seat as Oregon State faculty and students share their knowledge and experience.

Sessions will last about 45 minutes, including Q&A.

There Goes the Sun: An Overview of the "Great American Eclipse of 2017"
Learn all about the Total Solar Eclipse from expert Randall Milstein, Astronomer-in-Residence to the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium and an OSU physics professor. Enjoy his educational and entertaining stories of the mythology, history, science and beauty of this rare celestial event.

The Violent Universe: Waiting for Starlight
Explore the amazing phenomena of gamma ray bursts, the brightest explosions in the Universe, with astrophysicist and astronomy expert Davide Lazzati.

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