SSO Seminar
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:00
304 Weniger
Event Speaker: 
Dr. Matt Graham, OSA, The Optical Society
Local Contact: 
Matt Graham, OSU

This skills workshop presents slides from the Editor’s Desk to help make your next journal submission shine!

Publication and peer review is a gauntlet nearly all graduate scientists must navigate.  In this presentation, we flip the process upside down to tell what journal editor is really thinking when they see your paper.  How do they make their ultimate decision?  This presentation is an alternate version of a 4-part workshop Matt ran at the 2019 Student Leadership Conference for the Optical Society in DC for 200 optics graduate students from 59 countries, in which we brought in the Journal Editors to provide the insider secrets on "Best practices for submission and peer review." 

Nearly all slides to be presented come straight from either the Editor-in-Chief of OSA Optica (Dr. Alex Gaeta) or Physical Review Letters (Dr. Samindranath Mitra).