The faculty have listed the following as potential projects for students undertaking a senior thesis.


Current students
(graduating 2022)

Continuing students (graduating 2023 or later)

# ADDITIONAL projects available for those graduating 2022 or later

Project information

Craig, David

Magone (22)

Kangethe (23)
Seibert (23)


Quantum inequalities in the decoherent histories formulation of quantum theory
Decoherence, the uncertainty principle, and quantum information
Canonical structure of loop quantum cosmology
Singularity resolution in loop quantum cosmology
Emergence of the arrow of time
Effective equations in loop quantum cosmology
Path integrals, decoherence, and partitions of space-time paths

Dray, Tevian (Mathematics)

- - 0 Math Education, mathematical physics
Gire, Elizabeth Adams (22)
Gamboa (22)


  • Student use of various sensemaking strategies in Ph315 & Ph335
  • Development of course materials & assessments for Paradigms courses.
Graham, Matt Jeliazkova (21)
Boryer (23) ?

If interested, please consider applying to URSA-ENGAGE advertisement, SURE or other scholarship programs through my lab.
As remote projects are not possible, end of Spring term is only time to inquire unless applying for a scholarship program.

Contact Dr. Graham 
Optoelectronics: electronic confinement and current generation in emerging materials.

Hadley, Kathryn

Klimowicz (22)
Rhead (22)
Knudson (22)


0-1 Computational astrophysics: modeling protostellar systems; Rossby wave instabilities, plasma shocks
Herman, Greg  - - 0 Ambient-pressure XPS (expt)
Jansen, Henri  none - 0 Dr. Jansen is a computational physicist. He is currently full-time in the Dean's office.
Keszler, Douglas (Chemistry) - - ? Elucidating mobility trends in solution processed transparent conductors (experimental); contact Dr. Keszler at Douglas.Keszler at Research mostly on-campus and at ATAMI, possibly via an internship with nexTC ( ).
Kornilovich, Pavel (Hewlett Packard) - - 0 (computational) Stable knots in nematic liquid crystals. No projects for 2021/22.
Lazzati, Davide -


 Contact Dr. Lazzati (Astrophysics). Projects normally involve some computer coding. Besides that there is a lot of flexibility with finding a project that satisfies the student's curiosity about the subject.
Lee, Yun-Shik - none  1 High-Field Terahertz spectroscopy of nanomaterials
Manogue, Corinne  none none ? Contact Dr. Manogue  (Physics Education, mathematical physics)
McIntyre, David - Takach (23) 2 1) Optical tweezer trapping and Brownian motion (exp/comp)
2) Optimized laser focusing via adaptive optics and machine learning (exp/comp)
3) Optical spectroscopy of materials (exp/comp)
Minot, Ethan none
none ?

Dr. Minot is in Finland (2021/2022 Academic Year) for collaborative research on quantum devices. When he returns to Corvallis next year, Dr. Minot can supervise projects such as:
1) Compulational simulations of a one-dimenionsal quantum device for pumping charge (solving electrostatics and the Schrodiner equation).
2) Physics of mitigating COVID-19 risks: measuring ventillation rates with a tracer gas, electron microscopy of mask materials, quantifying breathability of maks materials.

Ostroverkhova, Oksana

Widmer (22)

Brodeaur (Chem, 23) 2 Fungi-derived optoelectronic materials; Properties of polaritons in organic cavities
Qiu, Weihong

Eagen (22)

- 2 Experimental/Computation Biophysics. Potential projects are : i) In silico characterization of the interaction of molecular motor proteins with the tracks they run on;  and ii) Characterize the mechanism of bidirectional kinesin motor proteins. 
Roundy, David

Aranth (22)
 Holmes (22)
Sprueill (22)


 ? (computational) (1) Flat histogram Monte Carlo simulation algorithms.
Schellman, Heidi none -

none 2022/23

Neutrino physics. No additional projects for PH403 students in 2021/22. Contact Dr. Schellman if you are interested in starting a project for PH403 in 2022/23.
Schneider, Guenter - none 2 Using machine learning to aid discovery in physics and science. Some computer programming experience required.
Siemens, Xavier

Glickman (22)
Leopold (22)
Levenburg (22)
Downing (22)
Medina-Hernandez (22)

Pelletier (23)

2 (1) using radio telescopes to search for pulsars, (2) using radio telescopes to perform gravitational wave observations (pulsar timing), and (3) searching pulsar timing data for nanohertz gravitational waves.
Sun, Bo

?Gemmill (22, BB?)
?Rapoto (BB)

Melville (23)
Chavez (23)


Characterizing cell migration in conflicting environment (experimental, and matlab data analysis)

Developing deep learning methods for cell detection and tracking (proficient programing skills needed)

Tate, Janet



? (1) Optical properties of semiconductors (experimental) 
(2) Transport properties of semiconductors (experimental)
(3) X-ray absorption in transition metals
More information
Walsh, KC Smith (22)
Norgren (22)
- 1-2

(1) Ecampus comparative study of introductory physics using educational data mining and learning analytics. (2) Predictive modeling student success using various artificial intelligence methods. (3) Language processing student's reflective writing.


12 spaces



 Next offering of PH317 is W22  
OSU, non-PH advisors        
Fang, Chong (Chemistry Dept)  - -  1 Using steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopic methods to study fluorescence mechanisms of functional molecular systems (e.g., proteins, chromophores, biosensors) in solution. (Experimental, contact Dr. Fang at Chong.Fang at Grup website:
Pettit (CEOAS) Carroll (22)
Clonch (22) 
Cheong (Chem) Daprano (22)     Computational Chemistry