Senior Thesis Presentation
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 14:45 to 17:30
Zoom (link via email)
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PH403 seniors
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Senior thesis 10 minute talks. Zoom link will be emailed in the weekly memo. Visitors, please obtain the link from the student presenters. Please join a few minutes before 3pm for introductions. The first speaker will begin at 3pm sharp.

Biographies at https://physics.oregonstate.edu/sites/physics.oregonstate.edu/files/senior_thesis_presentations_abstracts_bio_2021.pdf


3:12 – 3:22: Elena Wennstrom: Development of a Brownian Motion Experiment for an Undergraduate Laboratory Course (Janet Tate)

3:24 – 3:34: Tyler Schimleck: The Geometry of Symmetry: An Application of Symplectic Geometry in Understanding Noether’s Theorem (David Craig)

3:36 – 3:46: Julian Wulf: Optical Modeling of Thin Films: Applying Effective Medium Theory to Mixtures of TiO2 and SnO2 (Janet Tate)

3:48 - 3:58: BREAK

4:00 – 4:10: Fangyi Zhu: A lower Limit for the Mass of Stellar Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitors (Davide Lazzati)

4:12 – 4:32: Ian Diaz and Brandon Nye: Locating and Observing Pulsars for Use in Gravitational Wave Detection  (Xavier Siemens)

4:36 – 4:46: Rohal Kakepoto: Scattering Mechanisms and Transport Properties of Semiconductors at Low Temperatures (Janet Tate)

4:48 – 4:58: Benjamin Hanson: A Generalized Scheme for Creating Regge Calculus Models of General Relativity (David Craig)