Senior Thesis Presentation
Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 15:00 to 18:30
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PH403 seniors
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Senior thesis 10 minute talks. Zoom link and password same as for colloquium.

9-Jun Speaker Topic
3:00 PM Isabella Johnson Describing Particles with Lie and Clifford Algebras
3:12 PM Ian Wilson The Consistent Histories Approach to the Stern-Gerlach Experiment 
3:24 PM Yuantao Shen The Polar Energy Distribution of Short Gamma-Ray Burst Outflows from Binary Neutron Star Mergers
3:36 PM Hao-Tung Chuang Behind The Veil: Numerical Solution to Finding The Initial Conditions of Gamma-Ray Bursts using Fireball Model 
3:48 PM Garrett Jepson Standard methods in general relativity and their underlying geometric structure
4:00 PM Alex Eisenhauer A Solution to the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation in R3 
4:12 PM Kira McCoy Shrinking Stars: Protostellar Disks of Keplarian Rotation Approaching a Point Star 
4:24 PM Jacob Vande Griend Simulating Fluids: Testing a New Grand Canonical Histogram Method on the Square-Well Fluid 
4:36 PM Zach Colbert Development of a visible-light photoluminescence photospectrometer
4:48 PM Jasper Spafford Fungal Photonics 
5:00 PM Pu Yang Single-molecule studies of kinesin-5/Cut7 motility 
5:12 PM Sara Leathers Designing and Building a Radio Direction Finder for an Autonomous Vehicle
5:24 PM Dustin Treece Developing a Learning Progression on Units and Dimensions 
5:36 PM Steven Neiman  Effects of independent group work on learning outcomes
5:48 PM Reid Center The interaction of bulk heterojunction donor/acceptor blends with polaritonic state creation in organic crystalline films 
6:00 PM Michael Maurer Using a machine learning algorithm to alert instructors that early intervention is needed