Senior Thesis Presentation
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 14:45 to 17:15
Zoom (link via email)
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PH403 seniors
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Senior thesis 10 minute talks. Zoom link will be emailed in the weekly memo. Visitors, please obtain the link from the student presenters. Please join a few minutes before 3pm for introductions. The first speaker will begin at 3pm sharp.

Schedule  (Thesis titles and biographies at https://physics.oregonstate.edu/wic-course-information)

•3:00 – 3:10 Cade Perizzo: Analyzing Nonaxisymmetric Instabilities in the Formation of Star-Disk Systems, (Kathryn Hadley) 
•3:12 – 3:22 Hunter Nelson:  Calculating characteristic timescales for environmental decoherence in the presence of thermal gravitons  (David Craig)
•3:24 – 3:10 Michael Boss: Solving the Cartpole Problem with REINFORCE  (Guenter Schneider)
•3:36 – 3:46 Milo Sprague:  Application of Coupled Oscillator Model to Terahertz and Optical Control of Plasmon Induced Opacity in Coupled Metamaterials  (Yun-Shik Lee)
•3:48 – 3:58: Jin Kiatvongcharoen: Simulating the Dynein Motor Protein: A Monte Carlo Approach to Achieve Coordinated Stepping   (David Roundy) 
•4:00 – 4:10 Justin Sheetz: Directing Cell Migration via Environmental Anisotropy   (Bo Sun)
•4:12 – 4:24 Joshua Ripp:  Molecular Motors: Modelling Electrostatics Between Kinesin and Tubulin   (Weihong Qiu) 
•4:24 – 4:34 Richard Puro:  Photodimerization of Organic Semiconductors in the Strong Coupling Regime (Oksana Ostroverkhova) 
•4:36 – 4:46 Cooper Nicolaysen: Effect of Solar System Models on Pulsar Timing Experiments  (Xavier Siemens) 
•4:48 – 4:58 Jessica Waymire: Illuminating amorphous oxides: Defect states and carrier recombination characterized by photoluminescence (Matt Graham)
•5:00 – 5:10 Zachary Scroggy:  Simulating Brownian Motion Experiments to Replicate Data from Optical Trap Laboratories (David McIntyre)