Covid-19: Phased return to research:

OSU's Research Office has issued guidelines about a possible phased return to on-campus research at its Keep Researching website. Physics faculty who plan to conduct such research have submitted plans for approval. Such research is opt-in only. They have developed guidelines for research in Weniger Hall that prioritize the health and safety of researchers. The guidelines are here, and your feedback to any member of the committee (listed on the guidelines), is welcomed.

Astrophysics Collapsing star Davide Lazzati
Xavier Siemens
Biophysics Network of cells

Bo Sun
Weihong Qiu

Condensed Matter Experiment carbon nanotube electron wavefunction

Matt Graham
Yun-Shik Lee
Ethan Minot
Oksana Ostroverkhova
Janet Tate

Condensed Matter Theory Electron density in superconductor

David Roundy
Guenter Schneider

High Energy Physics collision in particle accelerator Heidi Schellman
Optical Physics Light scattering from interface 

Matt Graham
Yun-Shik Lee
David McIntyre
Oksana Ostroverkhova

Physics Education Research


Corinne Manogue
Liz Gire
Emily van Zee

Quantum Cosmology

picture of space time

David Craig

Quantum Foundations

image of Bloch sphere

David Craig