Monday, February 14, 2022 - 16:00 to 17:00
Event Speaker: 
Jayson Nissen
Local Contact: 
David Roundy

Professional societies call on their members to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. To meet this goal, introductory college courses need to repay the educational debts society owes due to racism and sexism. We investigated the size of and changes in society’s educational debts in conceptual knowledge in introductory chemistry, biology, and physics courses for majors using a critical quantitative framework. The courses used collaborative, student-centered pedagogies often with the support of undergraduate learning assistants. We analyzed data from 22,520 students in 328 courses at 34 institutions collected with the LASSO platform using Bayesian hierarchical linear models. Across all three disciplines, society owed the largest educational debts to Black and Hispanic women. Physics instruction maintained these debts, chemistry instruction moderately repaid them, and biology instruction added to them.

Refreshments will be offered half an hour before the colloquium in Weniger 379