Suspended carbon nanotube

Ethan Minot's lab has reported a series of discoveries related to strongly interacting electrons in ultra-clean carbon nanotubes. 

The most recent result was highlighted in a Physical Review Letters press release. Prof. Minot's group teamed up with researchers at University to Utah to study the properties of a Wigner crystal. This elusive "crystal of electrons" is one of the most strongly correlated states of matter.

In 2018, Prof. Minot's lab used similiar carbon nanotube devices to study the interaction-induced energy gap in one-dimensional metals. These results were published in Physical Review B

Prof. Minot's lab has also teamed up with researcher at Delft University of Technology to study how interactions affect the orbital magnetic moment of electrons in carbon nantobues. These results were published in Physical Review Letters (2018)

To learn more about the Minot Lab, see the recent feature article in the 2018 Department Newsletter, or visit the Minot Lab Website.