Special Lecture
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:00 to 11:00
Kelley 1001
Event Speaker: 
Prof. Jürg Osterwalder, Department of Physics, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Local Contact: 
Greg Herman

The response of conduction electrons in solids upon excitation by light occurs on the attosecond time scale. An interferometric measurement using XUV attosecond pulse trains for pump and femtosecond IR pulses as probe (Reconstruction of Attosecond Beating By Interference of Two-photon Transitions - RABBITT) provides timing information about the photoemission process. An experimental setup for simultaneous RABBIT measurements on a gas phase and a solid target will be described [1]. Measurements on different noble metal surfaces will be presented [2]. Data measured on Cu(111) using different incidence directions show that the macroscopic Fresnel equations can describe the observed phase of the probe field on an atomic length and attosecond time scale [3].

[1] R. Locher et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 013113 (2014).
[2] R. Locher, L. Castiglioni et al., Optica 2, 405 (2015).
[3] M. Lucchini et al., submitted.