Policy for Doing Research on Physics Students/Faculty/Courses


Because multiple researchers and research projects are using the same research subjects in the physics department, we recognize the need to protect the research subjects from being probed too frequently. The PER Group maintains a large database of IRB approved/protected student data which may be available to share, pending agreement of the original researcher and the IRB. New data collection, specifically involving interviews, is of most concern. Therefore:


  1. The PER group will identify a committee of 2 OSU physics department researchers at least one of whom studies upper division students and one of whom studies introductory students. This committee will be responsible for keeping an online password-protected list of expected data collection efforts, including the intended population and schedule of data collection.
  2. Service on this committee will be included in the official departmental committee assignments.
  3. The PER group is willing to mentor members of the faculty in crafting responsible, quality education research projects as part of grant proposal writing and/or teaching work.
  4. Researchers are expected to submit their data collection intentions in a timely fashion to the committee for approval.
  5. The committee will make every effort to facilitate the legitimate research needs of all researchers but their primary responsibility is to protect the research subjects.
  6. As always, in the event of an unresolvable conflict, the department chair is the final arbiter.