Tenure-line faculty

 Tomasz Giebultowicz faculty photo

Tomasz Giebultowicz - Associate Professor
Research Area: Magnetic Materials (expt)

 Liz Gire

Liz GireAssociate Professor
Research Area: Physics Education Research

 Matt Graham

Matt Graham - Associate Professor, PI of the μ f E Lab
Research Area: Energy and optoelectronics, micro-femto energetics of condensed matter (expt)

Henri Jansen  Henri Jansen - Professor
Research Area: Theoretical and Computational Physics, Magnetic Materials
 Davide Lazzati Davide Lazzati - Associate Professor
Research Area: Theoretical and Numerical Astrophysics
Yun-Shik Lee  Yun-Shik Lee - Professor
Research Area:Ultrafast Optics, Terahertz Physics (expt)
 Corinne Manogue Corinne Manogue - Professor
Research Area: Physics Education Research, Mathematical Physics
 David McIntyre David McIntyre - Professor
Research Area: Optics, Laser Trapping (expt) 
 Ethan Minot Ethan Minot - Associate Professor
Research Area: Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (expt)
 Oksana Ostroverkhova Oksana Ostroverkhova - Professor
Research Area: Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics, Single Molecule Fluorescence (expt)
 Weihong Qiu Weihong Qiu - Associate Professor
Research Area: Biophysics, Single Molecule Fluorescence (expt)
 David Roundy David Roundy - Associate Professor
Research Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
 Heidi Schellman

Heidi Schellman - Professor and Chair of Department
Research Area: High energy physics

 Guenter Schneider Guenter Schneider - Associate Professor
Research Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
 Bo Sun Bo Sun - Associate Professor
Research Area: Biophysics, Optics (expt)
 Janet Tate Janet Tate - Professor
Research Area: Photovoltaic Materials and Transparent Electronics (expt)





Instructional faculty

 Dave Bannon

David Bannon                                                                                                           

 Chris Coffin

Chris Coffin

David Craig

David Craig – Associate Professor of Practice

Research Area: Quantum Cosmology, Quantum Foundations

Kathryn Hadley Kathryn Hadley
 Jim Ketter Jim Ketter 
Randy Milstein Randy Milstein
 KC Walsh KC Walsh

Senior Researchers

no photo available

Emily van Zee
Research Area: Physics Education Research                                                                

Adjunct, Affiliate, and Courtesy Professors 

No photo available  Pavel Kornilovich (Hewlett Packard, Corvallis)
Research Area: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics   
Doug Keszler  Douglas Keszler (Chemistry Department, OSU)
Research Area: inorganic materials for next-generation electronic and energy devices
 Tevian Dray

Tevian Dray (Mathematics Department, OSU)
Research Area: General relativity, octonions, mathematics and physics education research

 Greg Herman Greg Herman (School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, OSU)
Research Area: heterogeneous catalysts; solid oxide fuel cells; green manufacturing processes for displays and solar cells; novel optical and electrical materials