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Friday, October 21, 2011 - 08:15
La Sells Stewart Center
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The NW section of the American Physical Society will meet October 20-22 at Oregon State University. See <a href="http://physics.oregonstate.edu/NWAPS2011"> http://physics.oregonstate.edu/NWAPS2011 </a> for details.

Morning speakers:

8:30AM - 9:06AM Relativistic Dynamics of Graphene, Gordon Semenoff
9:06AM - 9:42AM Searches for the Higgs Boson and Physics Beyond the Standard Model with ATLAS at the LHC, Isabel Trigger
9:42AM - 10:18AM Recent Progress on Neutrino Oscillations, Dean Karlen
10:48AM - 11:24AM The ILC - Straight to the Future, Stanley Schriber
11:24AM - 12:00PM Nuclear Power - Post Fukushima, Jose Reyes, Jr

Afternoon sessions:

Session C1 Particle and Nuclear Physics Chair: Willem van Oers, TRIUMF, Vancouver Room: LaSells Stewart Center Agriculture Production Room
Invited Speakers: Lawrence Lee, Masaharu Aoki

Session C2 Condensed Matter I (MuSR, etc.) Chair: Robert Kiefl, University of British Columbia Room: LaSells Stewart Center Agriculture Leaders Room
Invited Speakers: Zaher Salman, Andrew MacFarlane

Session C3 Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Chair: Barry Sanders, University of Calgary, and Shannon Mayer, University of Portland Room: LaSells Stewart Center Agriculture Science Room
Invited Speakers: Michaela Kleinert, Paul Barclay

Everning session:

Session D1 Poster Session (4:30 pm - 6:30 pm) Room: LaSells Stewart Center Public Gallery