If you have any questions, please e-mail them to phys-advising@science.oregonstate.edu

A typical route through our major is listed at https://physics.oregonstate.edu/physics-curriculum. The program in the first two years can vary depending on background.

Before starting classes at OSU you will have to attend a START session. During that session you will meet with the head advisor to discuss your program for the next term. The most important issue to resolve is the mathematics course appropriate for you to begin at OSU. Not all information might be available to the head advisor, so please bring copies of AP exam results and similar data to the START session. Feel free to contact the head advisor at the e-mail address above ahead of time with all questions you might have.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to contact the head advisor at the e-mail address above before coming to OSU. We can discuss which classes need to be taken ahead of time at your college, which can be taken here, and how to transfer credits from a semester to a quarter system. The link to our sample program is posted above. OSU requires oficial transcripts for admission and credit, but if you need help from our head advisor, sending an unofficial copy of your transcript is sufficient for planning purposes.  To help you know which courses will transfer to OSU, these articulation tables might be useful,

PH 315, Physics of Contemporary Challenges, is a sophomore-level OSU course introducing quantum mechanics and thermal physics ideas. PH 335, Techniques of Theoretical Mechanics, is our first higher level course introducing higher level thinking about physics problems. These two courses are often taken in the sophomore year, but transfer students will simply take them in the junior year.

MTH 255, the second vector calclulus term, can also be taken in the junior year. Physics content depending on this content is taught in Spring term.