Notes on reimbursement for visitors.
The normal rate is
Breakfast = $15.00
Lunch =$15.00
Dinner = $30.00
This includes alcohol but not tip.
If you go over this rate, you either are only reimbursed up to those # or will need to use the waiver process below which requires that either
1) only 3 OSU people are reimbursed + 1 speaker
2) you ask for permission in advance from the Dean via email with a good explanation.  Examples would be the Yunker lecture where we have asked to go to the higher limit so more people can meet the speaker.  But we will not be doing this for all colloquium speakers.
Option 3 is doing what you want but only getting $15 for lunch and $30 for dinner.
Bottom line, we encourage large groups to go out with speakers but if you do, you should stop ordering the $17 entrees at lunch at McMenamins...   keep lunch costs below $15.
Here is the note I received about this on 4/16/2019.  This applies to meals where a waiver is needed.  If you stick with the normal rates, you don't need to ask for waivers. And if you stick to 4 or less people, an outside speaker and $20/$50 for lunch/dinner, you don't need special permission.

COS Department Heads and Office Managers:

The College of Science per diem has an official waiver process for hosting official guests of OSU.  The limits with a waiver are the same as in the past: $50 per person for dinner, $20 per person for lunch, and $15 per person for breakfast, plus up to a 15% tip.  However, there are a few important reminders and changes to note:


1.       Please remember that alcohol expenses ARE included for purposes of applying these limits, even though they are billed separately to the OSU Foundation


2.       This exception applies ONLY to hosting “official guests” of OSU, which means that it does NOT apply to meals with just other OSU employees or students


3.       The number of OSU employees who may accompany a guest for a reimbursable meal is now limited to three, unless an exception is approved by the Dean or Executive Associate Dean.


4.       Meals above the exception memo amounts must obtain PRIOR approval of the Dean or Executive Associate Dean in order to be fully reimbursable

 Employees are expected to use good judgement and act as good stewards of OSU and OSU Foundation funds.  Expenses must be reasonable for the event and must provide a clear benefit to OSU and its mission.  Hosting employees should ask the budget authority, Dean, and/or ASBC about unclear cases prior to spending, or risk having to pay all or a portion of the expenses with their personal funds.

All cases NOT falling under this memo (i.e.: all meal costs NOT related to hosting an official guest of OSU) are still limited to the federal per diem amounts for the area in which the meal is held. ($15 for lunch, $30 for dinner) Please see the travel page on OSU Business Affairs website ( if you are not aware of the limits for your area.