Lab Safety Information for Students:

1. Required safety training is summarized below. You can check your safety training progress here:

Training Topic Re-training Frequency Required By Source
Hazardous Waste Annually All Experimental Labs
Laboratory Safety Every three years All Experimental Labs
Safety Data Sheets Every three years All Experimental Labs 
Laser Safety One-time training Operators of Class 3B and Class 4 lasers
Bloodborne Pathogen Annually Sun, Qiu, Minot

2. Quick Safety Reference Guide:

3. Remember:

4. Work with your lab PI to keep the chemical inventory current.

5. If you work with lasers:

  • Keep goggles in lab available and well marked. Nice to have system in place where inform people outside what wavelength in use
  • Coordinate lab-specific laser training with the lab manager or PI
  • If illuminated sign not working, inform PI
  • For questions on laser safety, contact the lab manager, PI, or the OSU laser safety officer (link to email here: under "Training")

6. For general information on Food & Drink in Laboratories: